Many Thanks To Our Wonderful Volunteers

Leroy Atkins Priscilla Miller
Butch Bowers Ed Nance
Mary Ann Bright Bill Niersbach
Jane Brumley Darrell Newton
Dave & Debbie Coleman Larry Phillips
Dr. Howard Deitsch Rick Pegg
Marshall & Lois Daugherty Marilyn Pegg
Jack Doyle Scott Porter
Eloise Erk Amy Reeves
Ruth & Harry Flichman Ruth Roll
Jaye Gibbs Peggy Schafir
Ruth Grinspan Tony Talbot
Sue Hertel Steve & Dorothy Thornburg
Ron Holthouse Juliet Toschlog
Julie Horn Bill & Mabel Wilton
Keith & Mary Leonard Laura Woods
Toots Marino Dr. Carl Woolridge
Thanks to the members of the Richmond Catholic Community for their help with dishwashing chores every Saturday!